Window hinge pictures (what are the door and window hardware) 3

What are the door and window hardware

Window hinge pictures (what are the door and window hardware)
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There are many door and window hardware, the common ones are as follows:

1. Hinges. Mainly made of iron, copper, stainless steel and other materials, divided into pipe hinges, door hinges, glass hinges, countertop hinges, flap door hinges, etc.

2. Hinges. Mainly divided into two types: open hinges and concealed hinges. Open hinges are more common and are suitable for basically doors and windows, while concealed hinges are generally used on furniture doors. There are hydraulic, quick-installation and other types.

3. Track. Whether it is a sliding door or a sliding window, a track is required. The composition of the track includes hanging wheels, glass pulleys, and track lights.

Window hinge pictures (what are the door and window hardware)
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4. Door and window locks. Mainly divided into single-safety door locks, double-safety door locks and triple-safety door locks. occasion use.

5. Handle. The handle on the window is generally installed in the middle of the edge of the window sash, mainly made of brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy and other materials; the handle on the door has round handles, square handles, double row handles and other shapes, mainly including Low carbon steel, aluminum alloy, stainless steel and other materials.

Broken bridge aluminum inner opening is a hidden hinge, what kind of hinge is better?

Hiding the hinges is fine.

Specifically, because aluminum alloy is a metal, it conducts heat faster, so when there is a large difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, aluminum alloy can become a "bridge" for heat transfer. Such a material is made of doors and windows, and its heat insulation performance is not good. Good. The broken bridge aluminum is to disconnect the aluminum alloy from the middle. It uses hard plastic to connect the disconnected aluminum alloy. We know that the heat conduction of plastic is obviously slower than that of metal, so that the heat is not easy to pass through the whole material. , the heat insulation performance of the material will become better, which is the origin of the name "broken bridge aluminum (alloy)".

sliding window

The advantages of sliding windows are simple, beautiful, large window width, large glass block, wide field of vision, high lighting rate, convenient glass cleaning, flexible use, safety and reliability, long service life, opening in one plane, less space occupation, and convenient installation of screen windows etc. At present, the most widely used is the sliding window.

Disadvantages: The two windows cannot be opened at the same time, at most they can only be opened halfway, and the ventilation is relatively poor; sometimes the sealing is also slightly poor.

Sliding window: There are two types: left and right, up and down. Sliding windows have the advantages of not occupying indoor space, beautiful appearance, economical price, and good sealing. High-grade slide rails are used, which can be opened flexibly with a slight push. Glass not only increases indoor lighting, but also improves the overall appearance of the building. The window sashes are in a good stress state and are not easy to be damaged, but the ventilation area is limited to a certain extent.

Window hardware classification of door and window hardware accessories

One of the basic accessories of the casement window is the hinge. Due to the one-way opening nature of the hinge, the hinge is always installed in the opening direction, that is, the hinge of the inward opening window is installed indoors, and the hinge of the outward opening window is installed outdoors.

In order not to let the hinge affect the sealing of the window, the hinge of the metal window is usually welded on the outside of the window profile. The lock of the outward opening window is a kind of rotating card lock, and the handle is usually combined with the lock. The lock of the ordinary inward opening window It can be a simple latch. The disadvantage of the latch is that it does not have the pressing function of the rotating card lock.

The handle of the inward-opening window is independent and has no relationship with other parts. The limiter is an essential part of the outward-opening window to prevent the wind from blowing the sash and causing collision. However, the two hinges and the limiter are at three points The firmness of the fixed plane formed is limited, and the stopper with better quality is made of copper, the purpose is to prevent rust. From the formal point of view, the concept of inclination and casement window is a window that can be hung down and opened inward, but also can be opened inward. But this is far more than a special window opening method. In fact, it is a variety of window control functions. of synthesis.

First of all, when this kind of window is tilted inward, the purpose is to ventilate. The top scissor connector acts as a stopper. When it is opened flat, the top scissor connector is also a hinge. The bottom hinge is also a supply Shaft for inclination. The purpose of inward opening is to clearly observe the scenery outside the window, and more importantly, it is easy to clean the glass. The reason why domestic low-end residential buildings rarely have clean and bright windows is that the window type does not consider cleaning the glass. .

It can be said that the inward casement window is a comprehensive satisfaction for people. The hardware of the inward casement window includes top scissor connectors, upper corner connectors, locks, handles, connecting rods, multi-point locks, and lower corner connectors. It is also used as the bottom shaft of inclination window, and the bottom hinge is also the bottom shaft of internal rotation. This kind of hardware is suitable for wood, aluminum alloy and plastic steel windows.

How to fix the connecting rod on the window sash? There are two solutions. The first is to design double sets of connecting rods, one of which is used for fixing and the other for interlocking locking points. The second is to pre-design sliding grooves on the window frame profiles. It is better than the first solution in terms of maintenance-free. The combination of glass curtain wall and window is a relatively difficult problem. The internationally advanced curtain wall system can make the inward and inward casement window a curtain wall unit similar to glass, so as to achieve the overall air tightness, water tightness and wind pressure resistance level of the curtain wall. The technical level and cost of doing so are very high. At present, very few domestic companies can reach this level.

Since the load-bearing structure of the glass curtain wall is generally inside, outward opening windows are the easiest window opening solution. However, if hinges are used, the exposed hinges will destroy the integrity of the glass curtain wall, so there are four-link accessories. Four-link The rod is a substitute for the hinge, which uses the principle of variable area of the quadrilateral under the condition of constant side length to achieve the purpose of window opening.

The four-linkage is fixed on the side of the window sash and the window frame. When the window is closed, the four-linkage is completely hidden in the window frame, which fundamentally solves the problem of exposed hinges. The only feature is the work of the four-linkage. The phenomenon determined by the principle, that is, when the sash is opened, the center of gravity of the sash will have an obvious settlement. This settlement can prevent the wind from closing the sash, but it brings a lot of inconvenience to the installation and use of the window opener. Large, the four-linkage bears the weight of the window sash for a long time, which will cause a certain drop, which will lead to the lax closing of the window sash.

The use of multi-point locks is to increase the wind pressure resistance of the window. Multiple cylindrical lock points are connected on the window sash through connecting rods. Under the operation of rotating the handle, the lock points slide into the lock body fixed on the window frame. Through corner connectors, the four sides of the window can be locked with one, two or more locking points. The multi-point lock has completely changed the traditional system of locking windows. This link plus locking point scheme is also used to improve The security level of the door. 1. Manual window opener

The purpose of the manual window opener is to open the ventilation window with a higher position through a certain device. According to the principle of thermal effect of the air, the hot air and light harmful gas that should be removed can only be effectively removed through the window with a higher position. Manual window opening The device generally includes five parts: the execution part of the window (such as the scissors), the corner connector, the operating part, the connecting rod and the decorative cover. The execution part of the window determines the width of the window and the bearing capacity of the window. Weight and whether there is a locking function. The corner connector is a transmission part, and its deformation determines the ability of the window opener to adapt to different window types and different installation conditions. The operating part can be in the form of a handle or a rocker. The handle-type operating part Simple and low cost. The power output of the rocker-type operating parts is uniform, not easy to be damaged, the processing accuracy is high, and the cost is high. The manual window opener is suitable for bottom-hung inward-opening windows and top-hung outward-opening windows. Top-hung outward-opening windows It needs to be equipped with special outward opening accessories. From the analysis of the force of the window opener, the lower hanging inward opening window with the hinge at the bottom is more labor-saving. The upper hanging outward opening window with the hinge at the upper part is more laborious. Special attention must be paid to Use the four-link with caution, because the four-link accessory will cause a large settlement of the center of gravity of the window when the window is opened. If the weight of the window is heavy to a certain extent, the force of the window opener may not be enough to lift the window to close the window .

2. Electric window opener

The simplest electric window opener is to match the actuator parts of the mechanical window opener with a drive motor and a switch. There are also rack and pinion type window openers and chain type window openers. But from the stability of the product In terms of service life requirements, the window opener needs to be dust-proof, moisture-proof or even waterproof. Dust accumulation will wear the window opener, moisture will cause the window opener to rust, and water will short-circuit the circuit of the window opener. The indoor relative humidity Condensation caused by changes is a frequent occurrence in buildings with poor thermal insulation performance of the windows or changes in the indoor environment, especially greenhouse buildings. Carry out a comprehensive and thorough analysis and understanding of the environmental conditions used by the window opener, and choose which window to open The window opener is very important. The fully enclosed dustproof, moisture-proof and waterproof window opener in the world has an internal screw type window opener. The thrust of this window opener can reach 1000 Newtons, the noise is low, and the power consumption is low. Choose to open The window device must also pay attention to whether it is convenient to install, because the installation conditions on the construction site may be very limited.

There are currently two types of automatic control systems for electric window openers. The greenhouse control system is based on the measured temperature, humidity, sunlight, wind intensity, and rain level values, and compares them with the preset values to open the window. Systems for window and window closing control.

The automatic smoke and heat exhaust system is a newly developed fire protection concept in the world, that is, when a fire occurs and smoke and heat are generated, the windows used for smoke and heat exhaust are automatically opened. As modern buildings have increasingly comprehensive fire protection requirements for building materials, and Accurately define the fire performance of materials in terms of flame retardancy. Therefore, once a fire occurs, the smoke and the harmful substances contained in it will cause more direct damage to personnel. Or the harmful smoke hinders active life-saving behavior and passive escape behavior. From From the research on the development process of fire, it can be seen that in the initial stage of fire, a large amount of smoke and heat energy are first produced. The smoke rises due to the action of heat and gathers on the upper floor of the building. If the smoke and heat energy cannot be discharged quickly, the building The temperature in the building will rise quickly, which will intensify the fire. In addition, when a fire occurs, due to the large consumption of oxygen in the building, a strong negative pressure will be generated in the building, causing the building to collapse. The fact is that the building destroyed by the fire , except that there are explosive substances in the building, it usually collapses inward from the top. The design, construction and use of the automatic smoke and heat exhaust system are related to the curtain wall company or window production company, weak electricity, and fire control. The complexity is high, and the relevant national departments should conduct comprehensive evaluation and supervision on the qualifications, experience and after-sales service of the manufacturers providing the system to ensure the quality of the project. At present, some high-end buildings in our country have used this system.

The opening method of the window is push-pull, inward opening and outward opening, which opening method is better and how to choose

Many friends do not fully consider too much when choosing windows, ignoring the window opening method of the window, which leads to many inconveniences in future life and home. As far as the types of windows on the market are concerned, windows with different aluminum alloy profiles have different Various window opening methods, such as casement windows, sliding windows, top-hung windows, bottom-hung windows, etc. These are very common window opening methods nowadays, why dont you choose according to your housing ecological environment and your own personal hobbies.

1. Top-hung and bottom-hung windows save interior space

Top-hung windows are windows with hinges or hinges installed on the side of the window and opened inward or outward; bottom-hung windows are windows with hinges or hinges installed on the side of the window and opened inward or outward. Top-hung windows and bottom-hung windows It is a new window opening method developed on the premise of casement windows.

Advantages: the top-hung window and the bottom-hung window have hinges, and the window only has a gap of about ten centimeters to open, so people cannot come in outside, especially when there is no one at home, it can not only circulate air, but also ensure safety; open the fan The application space is relatively small, and it is mostly used in areas where the window assembly position is limited, such as kitchens, restaurants, and bathrooms.

Disadvantage: Due to the relatively small openable gap, the air circulation performance is weak.

Second, the sliding window is cost-effective

According to the interaction force applied to the window to promote the rotation of the roller to complete the opening and closing of the window, it is a double-leaf, double-leaf or multi-leaf door that swings to the left and right. The sliding window is a suitable window for social and economic development. It is mostly used for indoor air quality in balconies, kitchen restaurants, bathrooms, stairwells, etc.

Advantages: Sliding windows are simple, beautiful and generous, with large window width, spacious and bright, and high sunlight exposure rate. You can choose the window opening position and ventilation opening relatively freely, and do not occupy the interior space design when opening. It is convenient and quick to open on one plane Assembly and application of screens and curtains.

Disadvantages: The two windows cannot be opened at the same time, the largest can only be opened halfway, and the air circulation is very poor.

3. Casement windows have good sealing performance

Casement windows belong to high-grade windows and doors, which refer to windows whose hinges or hinges are installed on the side of the windows and doors, and open inwards or outwards. Double-layer or triple-layer insulating glass can be assembled, and its sealing performance is very good.

Advantages: The opening method is flexible, the opening range is large, and the air circulation performance is good. In the design of the window opening scheme, the large fixed and non-small opening method can be adopted, the sunlight exposure performance is good, and the appearance is generous. The sealing performance and sound insulation performance of the casement window , The thermal insulation performance and impermeability performance are very good, it is convenient and quick to clean and replace the window, and the outer column type does not occupy excess indoor space when it is opened.

Disadvantages: Inward opening windows occupy the interior space design, which is easy to stumble and become disabled. It is inconvenient to use curtains when opening the windows. Indoor space, when the wind blows, it is easy to damage or even fall and become disabled.

What to do if the stainless steel door hinge is not flexible

Door and window hinges, as the name implies, are hinges that connect door and window frames with doors and windows to facilitate door and window activities. Generally, the materials are iron, copper and stainless steel. Door and window hinges are indispensable accessories in home decoration. Although the parts are Small, its usefulness cannot be ignored.

Inferior hinges are mostly made of iron sheets and iron balls, which are not durable and wear-resistant, easy to rust, and easy to fall off after a long time, causing the door to become loose or deformed. Moreover, the rusty hinges will cause ear-piercing when they are opened and closed. the noise

In the market, the thickness of many hinges is less than 3 mm. Generally, the surface is rough, the coating is uneven, there are impurities, some are of different lengths, and the hole position and hole distance are deviated, which do not meet the decoration requirements.

1. Types of door and window hinges

1. Ordinary hinges are generally suitable for furniture made of wood. Its two hinges are respectively fixed on the door and window frame and window sash, and the door and window can be freely rotated after installation.

2. Light hinges are generally suitable for wooden doors and windows with light weight. The weight of this hinge is lighter than that of ordinary hinges, and the thickness is thinner.

3. Core-pulling hinges are generally suitable for wooden doors and windows. It is a good choice for families who often clean doors and windows. The axis of the hinge can be pulled out to disassemble the wooden door leaf.

4. Square hinges are generally suitable for doors and windows with larger volume and heavier weight. Compared with ordinary hinges, they are thicker and wider.

5. H-type hinges are also suitable for dismantling wooden doors and windows. It is more convenient that the doors and windows can be removed only by loosening one side of the hinge.

6. The fan-shaped hinge is generally suitable for turning and opening and closing doors and windows. The thickness of the two sheets of this hinge is half thinner than that of ordinary hinges.

7. The feature of the silent hinge is that it will not make a sound when the window is opened or closed, which is suitable for use in a quiet place.

8. The single-flag hinge is generally suitable for double-layer windows. Its advantage is that it is made of stainless steel, which makes the hinge itself not easy to rust and wear, and it is also very convenient to disassemble the window.

9. Flip window hinges: The movable flip windows usually seen in hotels, factories, public places, etc., use the flip window hinges. The two leaf plates with mandrels of this hinge should be installed on the window during installation. On both sides of the frame, the two leaf plates without mandrel should be installed on both sides of the window sash, and the mandrel-free plate with groove must be installed on the side of the sash with groove, so that it will be much more convenient when loading and unloading the window sash.

10. Biaxial hinges: Biaxial hinges can also be used on general doors and windows. The doors and windows can be opened, closed, and disassembled freely. The only difference is that the biaxial hinges are divided into left and right.

What is the scientific name of this window?

  • A top-hung window is a window whose hinges (hinges) are installed on the upper side of the window and open inward or outward.

  • This is called a curtain wall opening window.

    This kind of window is generally only used in high-rise buildings, and limit hinges are installed for safety.

    The opening angle of the window is small, and people cannot get out through the window.

What is the difference between door and window hinges and hinges, and what are their functions?

From the functional point of view, the functions of hinges and hinges are the same. They are all mechanical devices used to connect two solids and allow relative rotation between them. Usually, they can replace each other. No wonder hinges are called for the hinge.

From the perspective of installation position, hinges are mostly used in doors and windows, while hinges are mostly used in cabinets and other furniture. When encountering special circumstances, they must be selected reasonably, such as large casement windows. The requirements are relatively high, and it is recommended to use hinges. If hinges are used, multiple hinges are required to bear the force together, which will be lacking in aesthetics.

From the perspective of structural shape, the hinge is usually a four-link or six-link structure, and there are other similar structural modes. The main bearing force is external forces such as vertical gravity and wind. The structure of the spring hinge is composed of hinges. Inner piece, screw hole, hinge outer piece, middle ring, shaft core, cap head, screw. Hinge can transform doors and windows in opening and closing, and can be used in doors, windows and furniture.

From the perspective of demand categories, with the continuous improvement of technology, hinges have also appeared in styles suitable for different functions. In addition to ordinary hinges, there are also door hinges, window hinges, light hinges, etc. Hinges are also gradually upgraded. It is a hydraulic hinge, which is more in line with the needs of modern homes. This hinge has a cushioning effect when the cabinet door is closed, reducing the noise during collisions.

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