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Clothes Hanger Hook Ups

TALLSEN WALL MOUNT CLOTHES HOOK CH2310 is widely used for wardrobes, shoe cabinets, doors etc. in hotels, villas, residential. It can hang clothes, hats, bags, towels and other items to create a comfortable and tidy living space;


Whole clothes hook is delicate, does not take up space, the hook uses screws to fix the clothes hook and the wall, which has higher stability;


TALLSEN adheres to international advanced production technology, authorized by ISO9001 quality management system, Swiss SGS quality testing and CE certification,ensure that all products comply with international standards.


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    Product Description


    CH2310 Clothes Hanger Hook Ups


    Metal, zinc alloy


    Matt chrome/matt nickle/bronze
    Inmitation gold/gun black
    Brushed nickel/Brushed bronze







    Delivery date

    15-30days after we got your deposit

    Payment terms

    30% T/T in advance, balance before shipment

    Place of origin

    Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province, China

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    Product Description

    TALLSEN Engineers carefully select high-quality zinc alloy as the raw material. The entire clothes hook weighs about 25g and has a service life of up to 20 years;


    The surface of the clothes hook is double-plated, smooth and not scratchy, rust-proof and durable;


    Clothes hooks have more than 10 different plating colors for us to choose flexibly,

    Tallsen has perfectly created a high-end luxury high-grade clothes hook for us, especially suitable for large hotels, villas, and high-end residential areas;

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    Installation Diagram


    Product Details

    1 (214)
    1 (214)
    CH2310 Clothes Hanger Hook Ups are small metal clothes hook, coat hanger. This product is includiing he little screws.
    2 (199)
    2 (199)
    Increase your hanging capacity with our CH2310 Clothes Hanger Hook Ups and fit for more clothes loading.
    4 (155)
    4 (155)
    With the Hook-Ups in place, clothes can be hung sideways on, so you can fit a dozen shirts into the space of two or three pegged out in the old-fashioned way and the nifty hook-ups leave plenty of room around each item to enable it to dry.
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    3 (181)
    The hanger hooks are also perfect for travelling or where washing line space is at a premium.
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    Product Advantages

    ● 20 years service life

    ● More than 10 colors are available

    ● High-quality zinc alloy, double electroplating, anti-corrosion and durable

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