Handle purchase

The house now needs to be decorated. In addition to paying attention to the final decoration effect, it is necessary to clarify the purchase of some items. The operation of item purchase is also particularly important. The operation is naturally very difficult. In the above, there are a lot of selection techniques for handling these operations, so if you want to make the incident easier, you can only look at the skills, then how to install the cabinet handles? How to choose a cabinet handle?

It is more suitable to be equipped with an invisible cabinet handle, which makes the lines of the entire space more substantial, which is not only beautiful but also reduces the risk of collision. The current style kitchen not only has invisible, but also convex stainless steel, the shape is suitable for tortured apartment design, this kind of hand feel is better, it is convenient to use, the material is more delicate, and it is hygienic and convenient.

Sliding rail classification
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