Tallsen show you undermount drawer slides and tendem box

Firstly,i am gonna to show you this full extension undermount drawer slides.They have two functions. Soft closing and push open.

The advance for undermount drawer slide is you can’t see the slides, but they are actually sitting underneath the drawer on the side which looks fantastic.

Besides, it has a big loading capacity which is 35kg. Opening and closing test is 50000 times.

Our undermount drawer slides are available in all the popular lengths from 12 inch to 20 inch.

What's more, please look at this screw.

It is on the damper. You can adjust this eccentric screw when the drawer takes more than 20kg. This would make movement smooth.

This is a unique feature of our slide.When you use it, you would get this wonderful experience.

These are the front locking devices for the undermount drawer slides. There are two options to choose. You are gonna to have the 1D model and you are gonna have the 3D model. The 1d model has one set of adjustments. It can move a drawer up and down. And this one is the 3d model.It has three sets of adjustments. So not only can we go up and down. We also now have adjustment of left and right, in-and-out which makes this perfect.

Tallsen teach you how to set up a drawer
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