The load-bearing capacity of the slide

The quality of the slides simply affects the load-bearing capacity of the drawer. You can check the load-bearing ability of the drawer yourself by the following methods: pull the drawer completely out, press the outer edge of the front of the drawer with your hand, and investigate the forward inclination of the drawer from nearby surfaces. The smaller the forward inclination, the stronger the load-bearing ability of the drawer.

The steel drawer looks darker silver gray from the outside, with fine texture, and is opposite to the aluminum drawer, which has a large side panel. Powder-coated steel drawers are lighter in color than steel drawers, light silver gray, thinner than steel drawers, but thicker than aluminum drawers. The material picking of the pulley is comfortable when the drawer slides. Plastic pulleys, steel balls, and wear-resistant nylon are very common three types of pulley materials. Wear-resistant nylon here is the top grade, which is quiet and silent when sliding. Depending on the quality of the pulley, you can push and pull the drawer with one finger. There should be no astringency and no noise.

The thickness of the slide
How to Install Door Hinges

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