Pressed Kitchen Sink Series

Process innovation, bright upgrade

Bring double protection to your family in less time.

Supported by a variety of innovative processes, the high-value appearance has a variety of uses, as well as a variety of practical functions such as oil-proof, anti-fouling, long-term antibacterial, etc., saving time and effort, and make healthy life.

Pressed Kitchen Sink
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Simplified installation

We have pre installed the cumbersome extraction guide rail, so our customers only need to fix the basket on the guide rail and find a compatible place in the cabinet, food cabinet or bathroom.

Smooth and flexible rails

Upgrade the entire shelf with heavy-duty steel construction, matching industrial-grade ball sliding system, so our pull-out organizer can be pulled out smoothly and easily, and can even load heavy kitchen equipment.

get rid of mess

The pull out shelf design is suitable for many places in your home, in addition to the kitchen under the cabinet, it is also very suitable for the pantry, bathroom, not only for organizing pots and pans, but also for baking utensils, cutlery, Teapots, mugs, bath towels or other kitchen/bathroom accessories etc. Keep your home neat and tidy, easy access to what you need, and keep the clutter out of the way.

easy to assemble

The sliding cabinet basket set includes assembly tools for easy assembly. Sturdy and durable metal square tube construction with silver finish; PET non-slip pads prevent it from sliding or scratching surfaces

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