Stainless steel hinge model specification table (what are the stainless steel hinge specifications)

What are the stainless steel hinge specifications?

Stainless steel hinge model specification table (what are the stainless steel hinge specifications)

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The biggest characteristic of stainless steel is corrosion resistance!

The second major characteristic of stainless steel is high temperature resistance and low temperature resistance!

Stainless steel is a less strict name,

It is actually a kind of high-alloy steel (the kind that is particularly resistant to corrosion)

The biggest feature of stainless steel is that the content of alloying elements is relatively high, more than 10%, and some even exceed 50%.

According to the structure at room temperature, it is divided into five types: austenite, austenite-ferrite dual-phase, ferrite, martensite, and precipitation hardening. For austenite, it can be divided into five types according to the carbon content. It is divided into three types: high carbon type (0.04%0.12%), low carbon type (0.08%) and ultra-low carbon type (0.03%); austenitic stainless steel is particularly important in engineering applications due to its excellent performance. It is characterized by corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, and high strength at the same time. According to the GB1220 standard, 33 kinds of austenitic stainless steel material grades are given. The commonly used grades are 0cr18ni9 (304), 00cr19ni10 (304l), 0cr17ni12mo2 (316), 0cr17ni14mo2 (316l), ocr18ni10ti (321), etc.; depending on the composition, the performance is different, even very different, so the application occasions are also different!

Stainless steel hinge, what is the general size of the stainless steel hinge, 5 inch stainless steel

The high-quality hinge is made of 304 stainless steel with a thickness of 3 mm. The color is uniform and the processing is exquisite. The price is 22 yuan for a 3-inch stainless steel silent 2BB hinge, and 26 yuan for a 4-inch hinge. The copper one is a little more expensive.

Hinge specifications

No. Model Specifications (mm) Aperture Counterbore Material

X001 15212 copper hinge 50.8*30*1.5 4.2 6.5 H59

X002 18423 copper hinge 100*60*1.8 5 7.5 H59

X003 192513 copper hinge 63*35*1.6 5.5 8 H59

X004 2043-4NW stainless steel hinge 101.6*76.2*2.0 6.4 9.3 SUS201

X005 2043-4SW stainless steel hinge 101.6*76.2*2.0 6.5 9.3 SUS304

X006 2043-4SW stainless steel hinge 101.6*76.2*2.0 6.5 9.3 SUS202

X007 2533-PN stainless steel hinge 76.2*76.2*2.5 6.5 10.3 SUS304

X008 2533-PN iron hinge 76.2*76.2*2.5 6.5 10.3 Q235

X009 303535-2BB 88.9*88.9*3.0 7 10.3 SUS304

X010 303535-2BB 88.9*88.9*3.0 7 10.3 Q235

X011 303535-PN stainless steel 88.9*88.9*3.0 7 10.3 SUS304

X012 303536-PN Iron 76.2*76.2*2.5 6.5 10.3 Q235

X013 3444-2BB iron hinge 101.6*101.6*3.4 8 11.5 Q235

X014 3444-PN stainless steel hinge 101.6*101.6*3.4 8 11.5 SUS304

X015 3444-PN iron hinge 101.6*101.6*3.4 8 11.5 Q235

X016 344545-2BB stainless steel 114.3*114.3*3.4 8 11.5 SUS304

X017 344545-2BB iron hinge 114.3*114.3*3.4 8 11.5 Q235

X018 344545-PN stainless steel hinge 114.3*114.3*3.4 8 11.5 SUS304

X019 344545-PN iron hinge 114.3*114.3*3.4 8 11.5 Q235

X020 75*41*1.8mm steel hinge 75*41*1.8 4.5 7.5 H59

X021 Qianqiu hinge 100*70.4*2.5 5 9 SUS304

X022 100*75*2.5MM copper hinge 100*75*2.5 6 10 59 copper

X023 2042H hinge 100*56.4*2.0 4.5 8 SUS201

X024 2042 Qianqiu hinge 100*75.5*2.0 6 9.3 Q195

X025 2542-2BB Qianqiu hinge 101.6*75.5*2.5 6 9.5 SUS201

X026 2542-2BB Qianqiu hinge 101.6*75.5*2.5 8 9.5 SUS202

X027 2543-2BB with core pulling 101.6*76.2*2.5 6.5 10 Q195

X028 2543-2BB stainless steel 101.6*76.2*2.5 6.5 9.5 SUS304

X029 2553-2BB stainless steel hinge 127*76.2*2.5 6.5 9.3 SUS304

X030 3043-2BB stainless steel hinge 101.6*76.2*3.0 6.5 11.5 SUS201

X031 3043-2BB stainless steel hinge safety nail 101.6*76.2*3.0 6.5 10 SUS201

X032 3043-2BB iron hinge 101.6*76.2*3.0 6.5 11.5 Q235

X033 30435-2BB stainless steel British hole 101.6*88.9*3.0 6.5 10 SUS201

X034 30435-2BB stainless steel door hinge-safety nail 101.6*88.9*3.0 6.5 10 SUS201

X035 3044-2BB stainless steel cover hole 101.6*101.6*3.0 6.5 10.5 SUS201

X036 3044-2BB British hole 101.6*101.6*3.0 6.5 11.5 SUS304

X037 3044-2BB stainless steel 101.6*101.6*3.0 6.5 11 SUS304

X038 3044-4BB stainless steel 101.6*101.6*3.0 6.5 11 SUS304

X039 30535-2BB 127*88.9*3.0 7 11 SUS204

X040 3053 iron hinge 127*76.2*3.0 6.5 10.5 Q235

X041 3053 Copper H 127*76.2*3.0 7 11 H59

X042 3054-4BB British hole 127*101.6*3.0 7 10.5 SUS304

X043 stainless steel hinge --left 100*98*3.0 6.5 12 SUS201

X044 stainless steel hinge --right 100*98*3.0 6.5 12 SUS201

X045 Iron curved hinge 100*98*3.0 6.5 12 Q235

X046 Iron curved hinge 100*98*3.0 6.5 12 Q235

X047 Stainless Steel Right Flag Hinge 109*81*3.0 5.5 10 SUS201

X048 stainless steel left flag hinge 109*81*3.0 5.5 10 SUS201

X049 2543-4TW iron hinge 101.6*76.2*2.5 6.5 9.3 Q235

X050 3445-4BB iron hinge 114.3*101.6*3.4 8 12.5 Q235

X051 100*70*2.0-PN stainless steel door hinge 100*70*2.0 7.5 10.5 SUS304

X052 100*70*2.1-2BB stainless steel door hinge 100*70*2.0 7.5 10.5 SUS304

X053 1532-PN stainless steel door hinge 76.2*50*1.5 5 7.2 SUS304

X054 FORTESS-2*1.3/16*1.5mm 50.8*30*1.5 4.2 6.5 H59

X055 2.5*15/16*1.3FORTESS 63.5*33.3*1.3 4.6 7 H59

X056 20325-4BB stainless steel door hinge 76.2*63.5*2 6.5 9.5 SUS304

X057 2042-PN stainless steel door hinge 101*72*2.0 6.5 9.8 SUS304

X058 2043-PN stainless steel door hinge 101.6*76.2*2.0 6.4 9.5 SUS304

X059 2543-2BB stainless steel door hinge 101.6*76.2*2.5 6.5 10 SUS304

X060 2543-4BB stainless steel door hinge 101.6*76.2*2.5 6.4 9.3 SUS304

X061 2543-PN-FHB stainless steel door hinge 100*75*2.5 6.5 10 SUS304

X062 2543-PN stainless steel door hinge 101.6*76.2*2.5 6.5 10 SUS304

X063 2544-2BB stainless steel door hinge 101.6*101.6*2.5 6.5 10.5 SUS304

X064 2553-4BB stainless steel door hinge 237*76.2*2.5 6.5 9.5 SUS304

X065 3*2*1.7 copper hinge FORTESS 81*50.6*1.7 6 8.3 H59

X066 3044-2BB stainless steel door hinge 100*100*3.0 6.5 10.5 SUS304

X067 3044-2BB iron hinge 100*100*3.0 6.5 10.5 Q195

X068 3044-4BB stainless steel door hinge 101.6*101.6*3.0 6.5 11 SUS304

X069 63*46*1.5 stainless steel hinge 63*45*1.5 4 7 SUS304

X070 stainless steel swivel hinge 100*70.8*2.5 6.5 10 SUS304

X071 3044-2BB with safety bolt 101.6*101.6*3.0 6.5 10.5 SUS304

X072 3044-4BB stainless steel 101.6*101.6*3.0 6.5 11 SUS304

X073 3054-4BB stainless steel 127*101.6*3.0 7 10.5 SUS304

X074 100*32*2.3mm copper hinge 100*32*2.3 3.3 7 H59

X075 25*32*2.3mm copper hinge 25*32*2.3 3.3 7 H59

X076 30*32*2.3mm copper hinge copper hinge 30*32*2.3 3.3 7 H59

X077 40*32*2.3mm copper hinge 40*32*2.3 3.3 7 H59

X078 50*32*2.3mm copper hinge 50*32*2.3 3.3 7 H59

X079 60*32*2.3mm copper hinge 60*32*2.3 3.2 7 H59

X080 65*32*2.3mm copper hinge 65*32*2.3 3.3 7 H59

X081 75*32*2.3mm copper hinge 75*32*2.3 3.3 7 H59

X082 80*32*2.3mm copper hinge 80*32*2.3 3.3 7 H59

X083 90*32*2.3mm copper hinge 90*32*2.3 3.3 7 H59

X084 KHB07-100 stainless steel (OT-100) 100*50*1.5 3.8 3.8 SUS304AB

X085 KHB07-100 stainless copper (OT-75) 75*50*1.5 3.8 3.8 SUS304AB

X086 30707H hinge-right 76.2*70*3.0 5.5 11 SUS304

X087 30707H hinge-left 76.2*70*3.0 5.5 11 SUS304

X088 2*28.5*1.5 without copper core 50.8*28.5*1.5 4.2 6.5 H59

X089 2.5*34.8*1.5mm Copper without intermediary without screws 63.5*34.8*1.5 4 7 H59

X090 3*1--5/8*2.0 copper hinge 76.2*41.2*2.0 5 8.5 H59

X091 303535 Copper hinge with flat head 88.9*88.9*3.0 7.5 10 H59

X092 303535 copper hinge with ball top 88.9*88.9*3.0 7.5 10 H59

X093 3044 copper hinge with flat head 101.6*101.6*3.0 7.5 11 H59

X094 3044 copper hinge with ball top 101.6*101.6*3.0 7.5 11 H59

X095 344545 Copper hinge with flat head 114.3*114.3*3.4 7.5 11 H59

X096 344545 Copper hinge with ball top 114.3*114.3*3.4 7.5 11 H59

X097 4"*2-3/8"*3.0mm copper core screw without intermediary 101.6*60.3*3.0 5 10 H59

X098 4"*3"*4.0mm copper head copper core copper screw 101.6*101.6*4 6 12 H59

X099 4"*4"*4.5mm copper head copper core copper screw 101.6*101.6*4.5 6 12 H59

X100 77235 copper hinge 66*101.6*2.0 5 9 H59

What are the hinge size specifications How to choose a hinge

In our home decoration, the use of hinges is always indispensable. Hinges are one of our commonly used hardware accessories. They are used when we install doors, windows, wardrobes, and fix things. There are many specifications and sizes What are the hinges? What are the sizes and specifications of the hinges? How should we choose? I think most people want to know this, so I will tell you today. Let's chat!

Stainless steel hinge model specification table (what are the stainless steel hinge specifications)


What is a hinge

Hinges are also called hinges (domestic market hinges and hinges refer to different types of goods). It is composed of a pair of metal or non-metallic blades connected by pivot pins, usually in two folds. It is a door, cover or other two parts that require a swing switch. A device whereby two parts are connected and rotated relative to each other. The hinge is generally composed of the following accessories: 1. Hinge sheet; 2. Hinge shaft; 3. Hinge bearing; 4. Hinge plug (beautiful, shaft anti-off function)

Classification of hinges: There are T-type hinges, H-type hinges, core-pulling hinges, vehicle hinges, marine hinges, etc.


What are the dimensions of the hinge


2 inches*1.5-1.8 inches

2.5 inches*1.7 inches

3 inches*2 inches

4 inches * 3 inches

5 inches*3-3.5 inches

6 inches*3.5-4

Note: inch means inch, 1 inch=25.4mm

Hinge surface treatment: sanding, brushed steel, brushed steel, brushed gold, brushed copper, sterling silver, red bronze, green bronze, etc.


How to choose a hinge

The choice of different hinges is also different. The size and thickness of the hinges are proportional to the weight of the door. The heavier the door, the more the hinges with greater gravity are needed. Furthermore, the color of the metal used for the hinges is best to be consistent with other hinges on the door. For metal products (such as door locks, etc.), I am more optimistic about the smart home industry. It is an industry that is relatively close to the public, and every household will use it.

1. The material of the door hinge is copper and stainless steel. The standard single-piece hinge area is 10cm3cm and 10cm4cm, and the diameter of the central axis is between 1.1cm and 1.3cm. The wall thickness of the hinge is 2.5mm to 3mm. When selecting the hinge, in order to open it easily and without noise, it is better to choose a hinge with a ball bearing in the center shaft.

2. Selection of drawer rail hinges

Drawer guide rails are divided into two-section rails and three-section rails. When choosing, the brightness of the surface paint and electroplating, the gap and strength of the load-bearing wheels determine the flexibility and noise of the drawer opening and closing, and the wear-resistant and uniformly rotating load-bearing wheels should be selected. .

3. Selection of cabinet door hinges

Cabinet door hinges are divided into two types: detachable and non-detachable, and are divided into three types based on the cover position after the cabinet door is closed: large bend, medium bend, and straight bend. In addition to being flat and smooth, attention should be paid to the reset performance of the hinge spring. You can open the hinge to 95 degrees, press both sides of the hinge with your hands, and observe that the supporting spring is not deformed or broken. If it is very strong, it is a qualified product.



Hinges are one of the most important hardware accessories in our daily life. They can be purchased in large quantities no matter in the building materials market, hardware stores, etc. And there are many brands of hinges, and the prices are not very expensive. Consumers in When purchasing, it is best to choose a big brand to buy. Remember to consider the size and angle of the installation. There are many kinds of materials for the hinge, and the material determines the quality. You can do more when you buy. Comparison. I hope this article can help everyone.

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