Chinese New Year Spring Festival Is Coming Soon!

What up guys!How are you Everyone! We are going to have Chinese New Year!恭喜发财!Kung Hei Fat Choy ! May you be prosperous! Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐! We will have our holiday from Jan 22 to Feb 9, 2022. However, just freely leave your message and our staff will be online to reply you asap!


Here. i would like to introduce some tradition and custom of our Chinese New Year!

2022. in our chinese lunar calender, that is the year of tiger, one of 12 Chinese Zodiacs And tiger also represents one of chinese four ancient mythical creatures. Dragon, Tiger Phoenix and Tortoise. Tiger is active, powerful and vivid so we wish 2022 will be all the best.

Chinese new year generally starts from late of January or early of February and lasts nearly half or a month.So we also call this spring festival. Chinese people usually come back to their hometowns and homes a week earlier before the happy holiday no matter where they live, work and study in other places and cities.


Chinese first clean our houses and decorate them with holiday atmosphere. Then we go to hang around the flower street to buy peach blossom, orange pot plant, the orchid and etc. We like to buy and write Chinese spring couplets and spring charms. Lucky words on red papers. Paste them on the front gate and interior.

On the last night,our families get together to have New year eve dinner, watch CCTV spring festival gala, or go outside to watch fireworks to count down.When it comes to the new year, even at the midnight, chinese people will set off firecrakers and worship the god of fortune.


On the first morning of new year, we Chinese people wear Chinese tradional clothes HANFU/汉服/漢服 or other new clothes and go outside to have a walk around to collect good luck. When we meet our friends, relatives, we greet each other and give lucky money and best wishes.

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