Installation of kitchen hardware accessories


In the kitchen, cabinets occupies a large part. Whether you are looking for custom-made cabinets by yourself or buying finished cabinets, you still need to buy cabinet stations and hardware. General cabinet accessories include hinges, slides, handles and small accessories.

(1) Metal parts: Among the metal parts, the hinge is the most important part of the cabinet. It should be easier to use after repeated use; there are two types of slide rails, one is iron pumping, the other is wood pumping, in high-end Iron drawers and side panels are often used in cabinets, but the price is relatively expensive.

(2) Handle and small accessories: At present, there are many types of handles on the market. Of course, among the many types, the aluminum alloy handle is the best, which not only does not take up space but also does not touch people; in addition, There are also many small accessories such as fences, cutlery trays, etc. in the cabinet, which are generally more expensive depending on your choice.

Slide characteristics
Sliding rail maintenance

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