The drawer slide is very important

If you want to decorate a warm home, the selection of cabinets is not poor in the structure of home hardware. The usual cabinets are composed of many drawers. Whether those large and small drawers can be pushed and pulled smoothly and load-bearing depends on the support of the slide rails. To make a comparison with the human body, if the button is the heart of the cabinet, the hot rail is the kidney! There are both steel ball slides and silicon wheel slides on the market.

The former automatically cleans the dust and dirt on the slide rail through the tossing of the steel ball, and then ensures that the slide rail is flushed without affecting its sliding function due to dirt entering the inside. Together, the steel ball can spread the beneficial force to the neighbors, ensuring that the drawer is gentle and the vertical direction of the solid silicon wheel slide rail is always used, and the debris generated during the friction process is in the shape of snow, and it can be brought up by tossing. It will not affect the smooth sliding of the drawer. Drawers equipped with some pull-out slide rails can place a few items that are easy to see the whole picture or are not frequently used.

Slide rail purchase skills

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