What metal fittings do you need in your kitchen renovation

In the design of kitchen decoration, hardware accessories are indispensable. However, what are the specifics about kitchen hardware? Let's take a look at it today.

1. Hinges. It not only needs to accurately connect the kitchen cabinet and the door panel, but also bear the weight of the door panel alone, and must maintain the consistency of the appearance of the door arrangement. Without a pair of "reinforced iron bones" and perfect wear-resistant flexibility, it is difficult to take on this important task.

2. Slide rails and drawers are an indispensable part of kitchen equipment. In the design of the entire drawer, the more important accessories are the slide rails. Due to the special environment of the kitchen, even if the low-quality slide rails feel good in a short period of time, the time will be short. You will find it difficult to push and pull.

3. Water basin. There are two types of common water basins, one is a single basin and the other is a double basin. In modern kitchens, due to the update of design concepts and technologies, the shape of the basin is constantly changing, such as circular single basin, round double basin size double basin, special-shaped double basin and other styles emerge in endlessly, and the stainless steel basin is quite modern. , More importantly, stainless steel is easy to clean, light in weight, and also has the advantages of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, moisture resistance, etc., which meets the requirements of modern people's quality of life.

4. The faucet, the faucet can be said to be a part that is close to people in the kitchen, but its quality is often overlooked when purchasing. As it turns out, the faucet is a problem-prone place in the kitchen. If you use low-priced low-quality faucets, water leakage and other phenomena will be troublesome.

5. Pull the basket. The pull basket can provide a large storage space, and the space can be reasonably divided by the basket, so that various items and utensils can be found in their own places. According to different uses, pull baskets can be divided into hearth pull baskets, three-sided pull baskets, drawer pull baskets, ultra-narrow pull baskets, high deep pull baskets, corner pull baskets, etc.

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