China-ASEAN Relations Usher in New Prospects For Quality Improvement And Upgr...


The special foreign ministers’ meeting for the 30th anniversary of the establishment of dialogue relations between China and ASEAN was held in Chongqing on the 7th. The foreign ministers of China and ASEAN member states reviewed the achievements and experience of China and ASEAN’s 30-year cooperation, and focused on the main line of fighting the epidemic and economic recovery. China-ASEAN relations have in-depth communication and exchanges, and strive to push bilateral relations into a new stage of quality improvement and upgrading.

The establishment of a dialogue relationship between China and ASEAN has entered the "year of standing", which has a special significance for the relationship between the two sides. Since the beginning of this year, the interaction between China and ASEAN countries has strengthened, from the official visit of State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi to four Southeast Asian countries in January to the concentrated visits of the foreign ministers of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines to China from the end of March to the beginning of April. The holding of the offline special foreign ministers' meeting under the current severe epidemic situation by the two parties fully demonstrated the great importance and expectation of all parties on the development of China-ASEAN relations under the new situation.

China-ASEAN Relations Usher in New Prospects For Quality Improvement And Upgr...1
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