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Length:270mm-550mm Logo:Customized Packing:4 Sets/carton
The TALLSEN’ s Soft Closing Undermount Drawer Slides is TALLSEN' s hot-selling full extension under-mount drawer slides product, which includes Push To Open Undermount Drawer Slides and Switches. The quality product is made of galvanized steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion. The product is designed with high-quality built-in rollers and dampers making for a smooth pull and silent closing. TALLSEN adheres to international advanced production technology, authorized by ISO9001 quality management system, Swiss SGS quality testing, and CE certification. For quality assurance, all TALLSEN’ s Push To Open Undermount Drawer Slides products has been tested 80,000 times for opening and closing, ensuring that you can use them without worry.
The TALLSEN' s Soft Closing Synchronized Undermount Drawer Slides is the new generation of undermount slides for wood drawers, combines intelligent features plus superb gliding action for today’s modern cabinetry. The slide system moves without any annoying noise or resistance.It easily fits industry standard drawer construction and offers a liquid damper for a continuous smooth soft close.
Length:270mm-550mm (10 Inch -24 Inch) Logo:Customized Packing:4Sets/Carton
The TALLSEN' S full extension Concealed Drawer Slide is an advancement in concealed runner technology. Since the runners are concealed under the drawer, they never interfere with style or design.Undermount Drawer Slides allows for maximum drawer space in situations where depth is restricted, providing cabinet makers the flexibility to create deeper drawer boxes with more storage space.
The depth adjustment:-2mm/+3.5mm Base adjustable(up/down):-2mm/+2mm Door thickness:14-20mm
Application:Cabinet,Kitchen,Wardrobe The Coverage Adjustment:+5mm The Depth Adjustment:-2/+2mm The Base Adjustment:-2/+2mm
Type:Clip-on Opening angle:100 degree Material:Stainless steel Soft closing:yes
Diameter of hinge cup:35mm Product type:two way The depth adjustment:-2mm/+2mm Base adjustable(up/down):-2mm/+2mm
Product type:One way The depth adjustment:-2mm/+3.5mm Base adjustment(up/down):-2mm/+2mm Door thickness:14-20mm
Material:cold rolled steels Finish:nickel plated Net Weight:113g
Finish:nickel plated Net Weight:68g The Coverage Adjustment:+5mm
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