Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen-2 1
Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen-2 1

Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen-2


Product Overview

The "Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen-2" is a heavy-duty side mount drawer slide made of reinforced thickened galvanized steel sheet. It has a loading capacity of 115kg and is suitable for containers, cabinets, industrial drawers, financial equipment, special vehicles, etc.

Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen-2 2
Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen-2 3

Product Features

The drawer slide features double rows of solid steel balls for a smoother and less labor-saving push-pull experience. It also has a non-separable locking device to prevent the drawer from sliding out at will. Additionally, it includes a thickened anti-collision rubber to prevent automatic opening after closing.

Product Value

Tallsen Hardware's "Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen-2" offers longer service life and more stable performance compared to other products. It has been tested by authoritative third parties and is backed by the company's excellent sales service system.

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Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen-2 5

Product Advantages

The drawer slide is made from high-quality materials, ensuring its durability and resistance to deformation. It has a high loading capacity and is suitable for various applications. The solid steel balls provide a smooth and effortless sliding experience, while the non-separable locking device enhances safety.

Application Scenarios

The "Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen-2" can be used in a wide range of scenarios, including containers, cabinets, industrial drawers, financial equipment, and special vehicles. Its heavy-duty design makes it suitable for demanding environments where durability and stability are essential.

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