Custom Door Hinges Types Tallsen 1
Custom Door Hinges Types Tallsen 1

Custom Door Hinges Types Tallsen


Product Overview

Tallsen door hinges types are manufactured with strict control over the selection of raw materials and adhere to industry quality requirements.

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Product Features

The door hinges types have a nine-layer anti-corrosion and wear-resistant surface treatment, a built-in noise-absorbing nylon pad for silent opening and closing, three-dimensional adjustability, a four-axis thickened support arm, and hidden screw holes with dust-proof and rustproof screw hole covers.

Product Value

Tallsen integrates professional design, development, production, and international trade, providing customers with the most professional design, production, and sales information. The company's attention to detail ensures the quality of the products.

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Product Advantages

The door hinges types offer precise and convenient adjustment without the need to dismantle the door panel, can withstand salt spray, and have a maximum opening angle of 180 degrees.

Application Scenarios

The door hinges types are suitable for cabinets and kitchens, offering durable and reliable hinge solutions.

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