Swing Door Hinges Tallsen Brand 1
Swing Door Hinges Tallsen Brand 1

Swing Door Hinges Tallsen Brand


Product Overview

The Swing Door Hinges Tallsen Brand is a high-quality product recognized by the international authority. It is developed by Tallsen Hardware, who offers OEM and ODM services to partners worldwide.

Swing Door Hinges Tallsen Brand 2
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Product Features

The TH3319 swing door hinge features built-in damper and hidden cabinet door design. It is a self-closing hinge with a 100° opening angle and soft-closing function. The hinge cup has a diameter of 35mm and is suitable for door thicknesses of 14-20mm.

Product Value

This swing door hinge is quick to install and dismantle, making it highly convenient for users. It also adds a refined look to cabinets with its hidden design. Tallsen Company, with over 28 years of experience in household hardware manufacturing, ensures quality and affordability in their products.

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Product Advantages

Tallsen's swing door hinges have an advantage in their experienced technical team, dedicated to R&D and innovation. The company is committed to serving customers wholeheartedly and providing more and better products and services. Tallsen has leading technology in the industry and offers quality tools at affordable prices.

Application Scenarios

These swing door hinges can be used in various applications such as cabinets, doors, and other furniture. Their quick installation and hidden design make them suitable for both residential and commercial settings. The hinges can enhance the functionality and aesthetics of cabinets.

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