Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 1
Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 1

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges -


Product details of the adjustable door hinges

Product Introduction

Tallsen adjustable door hinges provide the perfect blend of style, selection, and affordability. This product is far more preferable in terms of performance/price ratio. A National-grade adjustable door hinges production base have been established by Tallsen Hardware.

Inside Hidden Hinges For Cabinet Doors

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 2

 180 Degree Soft Close Concealed Hinges

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 3

Product Name

180 Degree Heavy Duty Inset Black Concealed Cabinet Hinges For Door

Opening Angle

180 degree


Zinc alloy

Front and back adjustment


Hinge length


Loading capacity




Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 4

1.Surface treatment

Nine-layer process,anti-corrosion and wear-resistant,longer service life

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 5
Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 6

2.Built-in high-quality noise-absorbing nylon pad

Soft and silent opening and closing

3.Three-dimensional adjustable

Precise and convenient, no need to dismantle the door panel.Front and back ±1mm,left and 

right ±2mm,up and down ±3mm

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 7

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 8

4.Four-axis thickened support arm

The force is uniform,and the maximum opening angle can reach 180 degrees

5.With screw hole cover

Hidden screw holes, dust-proof and rustproof

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 9


Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 10Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 11


Tallsen integrates professional design, development, production and international trade. We can also provide the most profession design, production and sales information according to the requirements of customers.Our company consists of four parts, including production department, assembling department, material department, international sales department. Our sales team has good product knowledge and customer service experience.Every worker in our factory knows that details will decide the quality of products, so we pay lots of attention to every detail and let each step of production be known well by every worker.

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Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 13

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 14

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 15

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 16

Tallsen Adjustable Door Hinges - 17


Q1: What special angles can your hinge meet?

A: 30, 45, 90, 135, 165 degree.Q2: How can I adjust the hinge?

A: There are left/right, forth/back, and up/down adjust screw.Q3: Do you have a guide video to install ?A: Yes, you can view our website, youtube or facebookQ4: Do you attend Canton Fair and others?A: Yes, every year we attend. 2020 we attend online Canton Fair.Q5: Can your hinge withstand salt spray?A: Yes, it has passed through the test.

Company Advantage

• Tallsen regards the development prospects with an innovative and advancing attitude, and provides more and better services for customers with perseverance and sincerity.
• After years of development, Tallsen runs a scientific management system and has an excellent R&D team. Now we are highly competitive in the industry.
• Our company enjoys the advantaged location. The transportation here is much convenient because the roads, railways, and airports are all available.
• Tallsen has a professional technical team and an excellent R&D team. We also gather a specialized management team whose team members are diligent and are brave in innovation. A new chapter of glorious development is written with our wisdom.
Tallsen provides customization. Our free samples are waiting for you!

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