Under Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen 1
Under Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen 1

Under Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen


Product Overview

The product is under cabinet drawer slides produced by Tallsen Hardware, offering different material levels to meet various customer needs. The company ensures high-quality standards during production and on-time delivery.

Under Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen 2
Under Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen 3

Product Features

This particular type of drawer slides is heavy-duty, with a 53mm full extension and bottom mount design. It is made of reinforced thickened galvanized steel sheet, providing a loading capacity of 115kg. The drawer slides have double rows of solid steel balls for smoother operation and a non-separable locking device to prevent unintended sliding.

Product Value

The product is suitable for containers, cabinets, industrial drawers, financial equipment, and special vehicles. It is characterized by its firmness, resistance to deformation, and high load-bearing capacity. The thickened anti-collision rubber adds extra protection.

Under Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen 4
Under Cabinet Drawer Slides Tallsen 5

Product Advantages

The advantages of these drawer slides include their high-quality construction, smooth operation, and reliable locking mechanism. The product is designed to prevent automatic opening after closing, adding to its safety features.

Application Scenarios

These under cabinet drawer slides are suitable for various settings, including kitchens, workshops, warehouses, and storage areas. They can be used in both residential and commercial spaces, providing reliable and convenient drawer functionality.

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