5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 1
5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 1

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart

Center distance:245mm

In order to promote the development of the Flush Mount Cabinet Door Hinges, Adjustable Stainless Steel Furniture Legs And Feet, Hidden Tatami Remote Control Electric Lift industry, we will continue to adhere to the development strategy of 'Science and Technology', through continuous technological innovation and closely combining market demand, we will develop more high-quality and efficient new products. While constantly improving our management, we strive to improve the product quality and service level, and operate in strict accordance with the requirements of the international quality management system. Only by attaching importance to international exchanges and cooperation and mastering the most cutting-edge information in the world can the company achieve rapid development better and faster.

GS3840 Damper Gas Spring Strut

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 2


5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 3

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 4

Product Description


GS3840 Damper Gas Spring Strut


Steel, plastic, 20# finishing tube

Center distance







1 pcs/poly bag, 100 pcs/carton

Tube finish

Healthy paint surface

Rod finish

Chrome plating

Color option

Silver, black, white, gold


Kitchen Hang up or down the cabinet


GS3840 Pneumatic gas spring is powered by high-pressure inert gas, the supporting force is constant during the whole working process, and has cushioning performance.5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 5
5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 6The material of the tube is 20# fine-drawn seamless tube with smooth inner and outer walls; the piston rod is hard chrome-plated for strong hardness.

The surface treatment is polished. It is suitable for tatami system.

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 7


5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 85168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 9

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 10

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 11

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 12

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 13

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 14

5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart 15


Q1: How can I get more information about your company and the products?
A: Please visit our website:http://www.gdaosite.com.

Q2: What is your sample policy?
A: We can supply the sample if we have ready parts in stock, but the customers have to pay the sample cost and the courier cost.

Q3: Do you test all your goods before delivery?
A: Yes, we have 100% inspection before delivery

Q4: Is it possible to load mix-products in one container?
A:Yes, It’s available.

We implement the competitive bidding mechanism for the supply customers to realize the cooperation between the strong and the strong, so as to ensure the first-class quality of the 5168111ab, -5168111af, -5168113AA, -5168113AC-334982-Suspension-Strut--Front-Fits-13-16-Dodge-Dart. Our company relies on excellent technical personnel and production equipment, and constantly maintain the company's technical update and considerate service. We firmly believe that honor brings glory to the enterprise and gives the enterprise a mission.

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