Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 1
Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 1

Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg

Type:Furniture Table leg

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FE8150 custom brushed Iron furniture legs

Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 2


Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 3

Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 4

Product Description


FE8150 custom brushed Iron furniture legs


Furniture Table leg




Φ60*710mm、 820mm、870mm、1100mm


Chrome plating, black spray, white, silver gray, nickel, chromium, brushed nickel, silver spray




800 PCS


FE8150 The bottom of the stainless steel feet is a polymer rubber mat, which protects your floor from scratches and is silent.Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 5
Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 6The surface stainless steel brushed treatment is stylish and beautiful, making cleaning and cleaning easier.
The height-adjustable design can easily solve the problem of uneven ground , and easy to install.Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 7

Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 8

Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 9


Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 10Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 11

Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 12

Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 13

Feet Furniture Metal Sofa Leg 14

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Q1:Can I add to an existing order?

A: You can add items to your order until you confirm your payment details and complete the order. Once the order is confirmed, you can't add items to the same order. If you want to buy more items, please place a new order.

Q2: Could you help me customize the carton and logo?

A: Of course ! That's lucky for us. We will help you engrave your logo into the product. Your logo will also be printed on the packaging; and it's free!

Q3: Which area are your main market?

A: Our market are South America, Mid East, Asia, Europe, Africa,Central America etc.

Q4: How many employees in your factory?

A: We have about 350 professional employees.

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