Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 1
Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 1

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge

The Coverage Adjustment:-2.5/+2.5mm
The Depth Adjustment:-3/+3.5mm
The Base Adjustment:-2/+2mm

Years of experience in the production and operation of Buffer Close Inset Cabinet Door Hinges Concealed, One Way Cabinet Shower Room Door Hinges, Imbedded Hidden Cabinet Hinges have laid the foundation for our understanding of domestic and international product standards and quality. Our company has been in line with the concept of 'details achieve quality, service comes from sincerity, ideas achieve brand'. We don't make promises lightly to our customers. Once we make a promise, we will go all out regardless of the cost. Based on the company's trust in employees and the trust of employees in the company, we forge a positive team spirit. We will make full use of the advantages of talents, technology, capital and environment and provide competitive and reliable products and meticulous services for customers, and continuously create value for customers.

TH3329 Damping Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 2


Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 3

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 4

Product Name

TH3329 Damping Concealed Cabinet Hinges

Opening Angle

100 degree

Depth of Hinge Cup


Diameter of Hinge Cup


Door Thickness



cold rolled steels


nickel plated

Net Weight


Package200 pcs/carton
Height of Mounting PlateH=0



The Cover Adjustment0/+5mm

The Depth Adjustment


The Base Adjustment



Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 5

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 6

Very similar to the full overlay hinge, but it allows for a door to be mounted either side of a central carcass panel.Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 7
Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 85000 times cycle test,super load-bearing
This specific type of hinge is often used in bedroom wardrobes as well as in kitchens.Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 9

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 10

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 11Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 12Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 13

Full overlay

Half overlayEmbed

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 14


Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 15

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 16


Tallsen Hardware design, manufacture and supply functional hardware for exclusive residential, hospitality and commercial construction projects across the globe. We service importers, distributors, supermarket, engineer project and retailor etc. For us, it’s not just about how the products look, but it’s about how they work and feel. As they are used every day they need to be comfortable and deliver a quality that can be both seen and felt.Our ethos isn’t about the bottom line, it’s about making products that we love and that our customers want to buy.

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 17

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 18

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 19

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 20

Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge 21


Q1:Where can I buy your products?

A: All of our products are either stocked or available for special ordr.

Q2:How do I clean my decorative hardware?

A: For best results, use only a soft cloth, water, and a mild, non-alkaline soap.

Q3:How do I choose the right cabinet hinge?

That depends on the overlay of your door.

Q4:What is default height of the base?

A:The base is set H= 0.

Q5:How many hinges do I need if my cabinet door is over 1000mm?

A: You need at least 3 pieces of hinges

We are committed to producing high-quality technologically leading Wardrobe Hydraulic Hinge to enhance customer experience and gain their support. Our after sales service organization is perfect and fast, so as to provide 24 hours of professional maintenance and solve difficult customer problems in time. The success of our company is the concentrated embodiment of our advanced business process and excellent management ideas, the core strength of enterprise competition, and the important embodiment of management level and staff quality.

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