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Now in the hardware market, it is becoming increasingly difficult to find external damping hinges. This phenomenon can be attributed to various factors that have shaped the preferences and choices of customers over time.

Let us delve into a customer's purchasing experience to understand this phenomenon better. MaryMa, a customer, recalls that around 12 years ago, the damping hinges that were being shipped to American customers were primarily external and imitated the Blum style. However, due to inconsistent quality, each batch of incoming goods had to be carefully selected, leading to frequent rejection of hinges. The buying department eventually grew frustrated with this situation. In 2012, MaryMa discovered built-in damping hinges from different manufacturers, and after conducting numerous sample tests, she finally found the right product. This marked the turning point for the company, as since 2013, they have switched entirely to built-in damping hinges. This shift has brought about a worry-free purchasing experience for the company.

MaryMa's experience is not unique; many other customers have encountered similar situations, ultimately leading to the decline of external damping hinges in the market. In fact, back in 2008, MaryMa's company attempted to develop an external hinge damper. However, despite initial promotional efforts, customers overwhelmingly chose built-in damping hinges. There were a couple of reasons for this shift in preference. Firstly, externally mounted hinges did not offer an aesthetically pleasing appearance. Secondly, their structure inherently lacked the built-in soft performance that built-in hinges provided in terms of chain movement. Consequently, built-in damping hinges became the industry standard, dominating the market.

Why is there no external damping hinge on the market now_Industry News_Tallsen
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Built-in damping hinges can be further divided into those with damping built in the hinge cup and those with damping built in the hinge arm. Mipla and Salice were the first brand manufacturers to introduce built-in damping in the hinge cup. However, due to marketing and pricing concerns, they faced limited success in the Chinese market. With the influx of numerous built-in hydraulic hinges in the Chinese hinge arm market, even Blum hinges felt the pressure and responded by developing a new generation of cup built-in dampers. Additionally, they added a control button that allowed users to choose between damping or non-damping functions. This innovative addition, coupled with strong brand promotion, successfully garnered adoption by Chinese high-end furniture and cabinet manufacturers, setting a new standard for the Chinese furniture hinge industry.

The competition between hinges with built-in damping in the cup and hinges with built-in damping in the arm is fierce. Performance, price, novelty, and timing are the determining factors in this battle. Only time will reveal which type of hinge will emerge as the winner.

As a leading manufacturer, Tallsen has continuously strived to uphold its goal. In recent years, the company has witnessed the influence of its products on the international market, as demonstrated by the growing number of clients from various countries. This success can be attributed to Tallsen's readiness to adapt to the accelerating pace of global economic integration. With the necessary certifications in place, Tallsen provides customers with a satisfactory service experience.

In conclusion, the hardware market's diminishing availability of external damping hinges can be attributed to various factors such as customer preferences, aesthetic considerations, and the superior performance offered by built-in damping hinges. With the competition between hinges with damping in the cup and hinges with damping in the arm intensifying, the market dynamics are constantly evolving. Tallsen's commitment to being a leading manufacturer has enabled it to establish a strong presence in the international market, further ensuring customer satisfaction through its certified products.

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