3 Creative Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas to Spice Up the Space


3 Creative Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas to Spice Up the Space 1


Decorating your kitchencan be somewhat of a challenge. You have to balance functionality, organization, and decoration, all in one space. Plus, kitchen decorating can become pricey—we don't all have budgets for new tile,open shelving, counters, or hidden appliances.

Don't worry though, we've got you covered with 18 kitchen wall décor ideas that make your kitchen look just as good as the food you'll be cooking up in it.

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Forget the Tile Backsplash

kitchen wall


Who says your backsplash has to be tile? So many of us are tired of the classic whitesubway tile(although, they are timeless), so why not switch it up? Using heavy-duty wallpaper or contact paper can replace tile for a fraction of the price and in just about any pattern you can imagine.


kitchen wall


Some people reserve bold wallpaper for smallpowder roomsor accent walls, but we say go all out in the kitchen. This graphic floral pattern is bright and cheery, and the black shelf next to it is the perfect place to display cookbooks, cookware, and plants (of course). Bonus points if you coordinate your pots and pans with some of the colors in the wallpaper.


Kitchen with wooden wall.


Though it can be difficult to get creative with kitchen walls—after all, they're often largely upstaged bycabinetry—give them some visual interest with some texture. This wood grain detail wall in this kitchen brings a warm and inviting feeling to the space. Plus, the wood wall is a great base for design and décor, as the wooden accents in the space now feel right at home.



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