How to buy furniture and hardware accessories


Hardware accessories are widely used in furniture. With the advent of panel disassembly furniture and the rise of self-assembled furniture, furniture hardware fittings have become an important part of modern furniture. When buying furniture and asking people to make furniture, how to choose suitable hardware accessories?

Furniture hardware fittings can be divided into two types: functional hardware and decorative hardware. Functional hardware refers to hardware fittings that can realize some functions in furniture, such as connectors, hinges and slides. It is also the hardware fittings that we need to pay attention to most.

When buying, first observe carefully whether the appearance process is rough, then fold the switch several times to see if it is free, see if there is any abnormal noise, see if it matches the grade of furniture, and then weigh the weight by hand. For example, compared with similar products, the products with heavy weight have relatively better materials, so try to use the products of manufacturers with longer operating history and higher popularity.

In addition, decorative hardware accessories, such as handles, should be considered in harmony with the color and texture of furniture. The handle of kitchen furniture should not be made of solid wood, otherwise, the handle will easily deform in wet environment.

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