How to take out the slide drawer

Drawers in life are very tense things. They are easy to use and have strong decoration performance. They can also hide the sundries in life and make other spaces more tidy. But now most of them are slide drawers, which cannot be removed in waiting. Is it spicy, how do I take out the slide drawer? What should I pay attention to when buying drawers? Let’s have a brief inquiries with the editor below.

Pull the drawer to a very long length, you can see the second section of the rail, you only need to open the bayonet that fixes the two rails, and the slide rail drawer can be taken out. The way to take out the three section slide rail is the same, and the other is sliding. After the rail drawer is pulled out, there will be a pointed button on both sides. Press it and hear a clicking sound, and the drawer can be taken out.

The life of the slide
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