The life of the slide

If a linear guide is used in use, it must be guaranteed that it has a good lubrication effect. If the lubrication effect is not achieved, the fast rotation will be severely worn, which will affect work compliance and reduce service life. Isn't it hot? How to lubricate the linear guide in order to improve productivity?

In the selection of lubricants, we must choose according to applicability. Some lubricants reduce conflict and prevent their interchangeability. Some lubricants reduce the surface stress between the rotating surfaces. The slide rail extends the life, and a little lubricant can prevent the surface from rusting and fully improve its utilization rate. Therefore, for different purposes, different lubricants should be selected. The more common linear guides require relatively high lubricant requirements. Generally, they must meet a variety of requirements at the same time. The requirements are: high stability and high corrosion resistance. , High wear resistance, low conflict, and high oil film strength.

Sliding rail maintenance
How to take out the slide drawer

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