Sometimes certain cleaning and moving tasks may require you to manually remove a drawer from a cupboard, dresser or similar piece of furniture. In most cases, removing the drawers is easy, but the process may vary depending on the type of drawer you are using.

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Open the drawer and locate the track levers along the outer wall. You should also see a lever on every side of the drawer, around the centre of the rails. These lever may be straight or they may be slightly curved. Their job is to stop the drawer from being moved out of the way until they are released.

Be careful not to catch your fingers in overlapping rails when opening doors.

Fully extended slides are usually found on 12" (30cm) drawers, most often with straight tabs. Three-quarter extension slides are more common on 6" (15cm) box drawers, often with curved track bars.

Hold down both levers at the same time. The best way to disengage the levers is to use your thumb or index finger while supporting the drawer from the bottom with your remaining fingers. This way, if the drawer accidentally comes off the track, you won't fall off.

Use your left hand to hold down the lever on the left hand side of the drawer and your right hand to hold down the lever on the right hand side of the drawer

Some rail levers may need to be pulled upwards rather than pushed downwards. However, this type of configuration is somewhat rare.


Pull the drawer straight out while holding down the handles. Keep sliding the drawer towards you, ensuring that you keep both levers disengaged. When it reaches the end of the track, it should lift straight out. Move any subsequent drawers out of the piece in the same way.


When you are about to lower the drawer, place it on a flat, sturdy surface.



It can withstand a maximum weight of 45 kg and is mainly made of cold-rolled steel with a galvanised finish.You can mount it on the side panels of your drawers and this slide will keep you quiet because it has a built-in cushioning device.

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