How to Move Heavy Furniture

Moving heavy furniture is often considered a chore. You get a bit sweaty, you might injure your own back, and you must enlist a friend of yours to help. Getting a new piece of furniture can feel complicated and unrewarding because you know you'll have to lug it around. However, with the right technique, it really isn't that hard to move a heavy piece of furniture.


You can get the right size slider at your local hardware or home improvement shop. National chains like Home Depot or Tallsen hardware certainly sell furniture sliders. If you plan to move furniture on carpet or grass, you will want to purchase sliders specifically for this type of movement.

If you don't have any sliders, you could try the Frisbee as well.

Position your slider underneath the four angles of the furniture. Raise each corner and place a slider underneath so that the smooth edges are facing the floor. This will decrease friction and make movement easier.


To push the furniture. As soon as you have placed the slider under the corners of the furniture, you can start pushing it. If there is another person, this will help to ensure that the furniture does not tip over. Reduce the risk of tipping by pushing the furniture from the lower part rather than the top. With the slider, friction is virtually eliminated and the furniture should be very easy to move.

TALLSEN hardware offers you a wide range of options, so if you don't know what to use to connect your cabinets to your doors, take a look at TALLSEN to solve your questions.


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