The future trend of drawer slides

This kind of slide rail has concealed slide rail, horse-riding slide rail and other slide rail types. It belongs to the middle and high-end slide rails. The gear structure is used to make the slide rails very smooth and synchronized. This type of slide rail also has buffer closing or pressing rebound. The opening function is mostly used for middle and high-end furniture. Because the price is more expensive, it is also rare in modern furniture, so it is not as popular as steel ball slides. This type of slide is the future trend.

The damping slide rail is a kind of slide rail, which is a kind of sound-absorbing and buffering effect that provides a buffering performance using liquid and an ideal buffering effect. The automatic selection of slide rails is included. It relies on a new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the drawer. When the drawer is closed to the last distance, it will use hydraulic pressure to slow down the speed, reduce the impact force, and form a comfortable effect when closing. Even if you use force to push the drawer, it will close gently, ensuring perfect and quiet movement. Including fixed rail, middle rail, movable rail, ball, clutch and buffer, the buffer is installed in the fixed rail; the buffer includes a piston rod, a shell, and a piston. The piston is provided with a through hole and a hole, and the piston rod drives When the piston moves, the liquid can flow from one side to the other through the through hole, thereby playing a buffering and damping effect. It is often used for pushing and pulling drawers.

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