Slide rail troubleshooting

Industrial slide rails are mostly made of steel or cast iron. During long-term use, due to the different degrees of friction between the two contact surfaces, different degrees of scratches and strains on the surface of the slide rail will be caused, which will seriously affect the equipment. Processing accuracy and production efficiency. Traditional repair methods usually use metal plate mounting or replacement methods, but a large amount of precise manufacturing and manual scraping are required, and the repair requires many procedures and a long construction period.

Polymer composite materials can be used to solve the problem of scratches and strains on machine tool slides. Because the material has excellent adhesion, compressive strength, oil and abrasion resistance, it can provide a long-lasting protective layer for components. It only takes a few hours to repair the scratched part of the guide rail and put it into use. Compared with the traditional method, the operation is simpler and the required cost is lower.

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