China-ASEAN Relations Usher in New Prospects For Quality Improvement And Upgr...1


China-ASEAN relations usher in new prospects for quality improvement and upgrading(3)

Since the outbreak of the epidemic, China has overcome its own difficulties and actively provided anti-epidemic materials and technical assistance to ASEAN countries, and has delivered more than 100 million doses of new coronavirus vaccines to ASEAN countries. China's vaccines have become an important support for ASEAN to build the "Great Wall of Immunization" and bridge the "Immune Gap." China has stated that it will continue to unite with ASEAN countries to fight the epidemic, provide ASEAN countries with more vaccines, and carry out vaccine research and production, procurement, supervision and vaccination cooperation according to the needs of ASEAN.

To deepen anti-epidemic cooperation, promote economic recovery, improve the level of relations, reach the "South China Sea Code of Conduct" as soon as possible, insist on upholding multilateralism, and jointly promote Asian values. With regard to the development direction of China-ASEAN relations, China's proposals are both current and long-term.

Against the backdrop of the epidemic, China and ASEAN’s economic, trade and investment cooperation has bucked the trend. The two sides are each other's largest trading partners and jointly promoted the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement, leading the regional economic recovery.

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China-ASEAN Relations Usher in New Prospects For Quality Improvement And Upgr...

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