Reasons for the sliding rail not smoothly

As my country's economic and living standards continue to improve, more and more steel ball slides are used in furniture, and steel ball slides may encounter push-pull problems when they are used. Kunshan Jinluda Company summarizes the following:

1. The steel balls of the slide rail are inferior steel balls, which are pitted, not full and round enough, or the material design of the slide rail itself is defective

2. Too many items are stacked and heavy, which squeezes the drawer space, causing the slide rail to be too loaded for smooth operation.

3. The use time is too long, usually the service life of the slide rail is 50,000 times of opening and closing. If the service life is too long, the steel balls inside are more or less worn, which makes it impossible to smoothly push and pull.

4. The slide rail is rusted, and the ball groove and steel balls inside are easily corroded and rusted in a high humidity environment.

5. The installation slide rails are not aligned horizontally, the installation gap between the slide rails is too small or the screws are too long to block the drawer.

6. None of the above reasons may require some lubricating oil if the slide rail is not smooth.

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