India's Outbreak Of Covid-19 Will Exacerbate Global Supply Shortages. PART 2



   India is one of the largest textile exporters. This industry is now experiencing severe labor shortages.

  Wozil Consulting provides data showing that in the clothing cities of Delhi and Bangalore, the labor absenteeism rate in the clothing industry is as high as 50%; last year, the consumption and exports of the clothing industry in India decreased by 30% and 24% respectively.

   Wozier said: "The numbers for 2021 are now difficult to predict because we are not sure when the epidemic will end."

【Financial Services】

   In the past few decades, some large international banks and accounting firms have transferred a large number of information technology and operational positions to India.

   According to data provided by the National Association of Software and Service Companies in India, nearly 4.4 million people in India are engaged in information technology and business process management.

  Some companies have taken measures to reduce the impact of the epidemic in India, such as moving related jobs to other countries, encouraging employees to work from home, or delaying deadlines for various jobs. However, if an employee needs to take care of a sick family member, it is still not easy to complete the work even if they work from home. In addition, handling sensitive corporate and customer data at home faces security and data protection challenges.

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