Optimization Analysis of Electromagnetic Shielding Anechoic Door Hinge_Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen

Ordinary sound-proof electromagnetic screen doors have a large self-weight and closing resistance, and the hinges are easily deformed and damaged, resulting in unsatisfactory sound insulation and shielding performance. In order to solve this problem, the screen door, hinges, and hinge shafts have been taken as the research objects, and three-dimensional modeling and finite element analysis have been carried out to obtain the distribution law of stress, displacement, and safety factor of the components. Through the analysis of the data and graphic parameters, the structure has been designed and optimized, and the strength of the hinge and hinge shaft has been strengthened. The strength of the hinge shaft is particularly important for door leaf applications.

The design of the soundproof screen door focuses on weight reduction. The frame of the door is usually made of rectangular steel pipe, made of ordinary carbon steel, and the interior of the door is filled with wooden boards. In order to increase the sound insulation effect and reduce the weight of the door, it is filled with thermal insulation cotton with a density of 30kg/m3, with a filling volume of 0.3m3. The frame of the door leaf and door frame is made of aluminum alloy 6061-T6, and the total weight of the door is about 130kg.

After the trial production of the soundproof screen door, some problems were found during the inspection. The hinge was difficult to turn and produced abnormal noise, and the door closing resistance was large and lasted for a long time. To analyze these issues, the motion of the S81 and S201 hinges was analyzed separately.

Optimization Analysis of Electromagnetic Shielding Anechoic Door Hinge_Hinge Knowledge_Tallsen

Under ideal conditions, motion analysis was conducted on the S81 hinge using SolidWorks software. It was found that when the angle between the door leaf and the door frame was about 25°, resistance started to appear during the door closing action. As the door continued to close, a greater force was required to completely close the door. After replacing the S201 hinge, the problem was greatly improved. Analysis showed that the S201 hinge required less force and a shorter duration during the door closing process, making it more suitable for workplaces with large door closing force and requirements for sealing and sound insulation.

The strength analysis of the S81 hinge structure revealed that the hinge shaft had exceeded its use requirements, and the upper hinge shaft had a safety factor less than 1. Therefore, the structural strength of the S81 hinge needed to be checked and analyzed. Finite element analysis was conducted on the S81 hinge using SolidWorks software. The analysis showed that the maximum stress point occurred on the hinge shaft, close to the constraint end, with a value of 231MPa. The upper hinge shaft did not meet the strength requirements, and the lower hinge shaft was on the edge of failure.

To improve the strength of the hinge shaft, the structural size and material of the upper and lower hinge shafts were redesigned. The diameter of the hinge shaft was increased from 9.5mm to 15mm, and the shaft hole of the hinge was expanded accordingly. The strength of the hinge was verified through analysis, and it was found that the redesigned hinge shafts met the strength requirements.

In conclusion, through the analysis and optimization of the screen door structure, as well as the strengthening of the hinge and hinge shaft, the strength and reliability of the soundproof screen door have been improved. The redesigned hinge shafts effectively support the weight of the door and ensure long-term performance. Tallsen, as a company focused on quality and customer service, constantly strives for innovation and technical improvement to provide high-quality products and services to customers.

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