Survey Shows Over 20,000 Food Items To See Price Rises in Japan This Year

According to the NHK report, the Japanese Imperial Database Company released the results of a survey on September 1, by the soaring prices of raw materials and the impact of the depreciation of the yen, Japan is expected to have more than 20,000 kinds of food price increases throughout this year.


  The survey shows that in the past month, Japan has a total of 2493 kinds of food price increases; in September there will be 2424 kinds of food price increases; in October there will be 6532 kinds of food price increases, becoming the most concentrated month of the year food price increases. This year is expected to have 20056 kinds of food price increases, an average increase of 14%.

  From the point of view of the types of food price increases, processed food and frozen food, the largest number of 8,530 kinds; 4,651 kinds of condiments, ranking second; alcohol and beverages for 3,814 kinds, ranking third.


  Of the 105 major Japanese food and beverage manufacturers that participated in the survey, 82 reportedly said their goods had already increased in price this year or were already planning to do so during the year due to soaring raw material prices and the depreciation of the yen.

  Imperial Database said that the wave of food price increases will peak in October, but there may be intermittent price increases in the future due to high electricity and cooking oil prices.

  It is reported that the yen exchange rate fell to 139.59 yen per US dollar at one point on September 1, a record low since September 1998.

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