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There are various specifications for the length of the hinge, ranging from 400-1600mm. However, the hinges that meet these specifications cannot be purchased in the market for a while, which poses a problem for production. Additionally, a large amount of scraps generated during the production of power distribution cabinets are treated as waste.

To address these challenges, it was proposed to use leftover materials to produce hinges. The production process of hinges was compiled, and a pair of progressive dies was designed. This approach not only met the needs of different lengths of power distribution cabinets but also reduced costs and achieved good results. The structural features of the hinges include a length range from 400-1600mm and two kinds of hinge materials: stainless steel and low carbon steel. The hinge shaft is made of φ5mm cold-drawn stainless steel, and the mounting holes on the hinge pages are made according to the needs of the power distribution cabinet.

The production process consists of various steps, including cutting by shears, pre-bending, and round bending. The expansion length is calculated based on the formula L = L1Rπβ/180, where R is the neutral layer radius, r is the inner diameter, and k is the neutral layer coefficient. The pre-bending process is designed to control springback, ensuring the roundness of the hinge page mounting hole. The mold design includes the design of convex and concave dies for pre-bending and the design of punch dies for various steps.

The progressive die structure is designed to guide the material throughout the process, while the guide and unloading plates ensure smooth feeding and unloading. The step distance accuracy is determined based on the formula Δ = ±ωk/2√3, ensuring the precision of the step distance in the mold design.

Overall, this approach of using leftover materials to produce hinges and designing a progressive die has proven successful in meeting production needs and reducing costs. This experience in mold design and hinge production can serve as a reference for others in the industry. Tallsen, as a leading brand in the hardware market, has gained a good reputation and attracts international customers due to its craftsmanship, production capacity, and product quality.

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