Shandong Tallsen Machinery Company has improved the technology of hinge crimping die_Hinge knowledge1

Expanding the Mold Structure and Existing Problems:

The crimping die is a common type of bending die used in the production of hinges and other parts. In our company, we specialize in manufacturing hardware hinges, which are an essential component for cars. Due to the high demand for hinges, we have designed a hinge curling die specifically for producing hinges with a plate thickness of 8mm. This die is used on the JB21-100t press and incorporates a φ150mm universal mold base. The punch and die are made of T8 material and undergo heat treatment to achieve a hardness of 58-60HRC. The block is made of 45 steel and is fastened to the die using 2-M10 bolts. Additionally, a backing plate is added to the die groove to prevent damage during the working process.

However, as a result of long-term mass production, certain problems have arisen. The friction between the blank and the cavity surface of the punch has increased, leading to wear and scratches on the cavity, ultimately affecting the quality and size requirements of the hinge. In order to address these issues and improve the mold's lifespan and cost-effectiveness, we have implemented several process improvements.

Shandong Tallsen Machinery Company has improved the technology of hinge crimping die_Hinge knowledge1 1

Firstly, we decided to send the mold to the heat treatment workshop for annealing treatment. This annealing process resulted in a cavity size of φ29.7mm, whereas the actual requirement was φ290.1 mm. To meet the size requirements, we added rotating needles in the cavity of the upper mold. The position and assembly requirements of the rotating needle holes are shown in Figure 2. By replacing the surface points with rotating needles, we were able to achieve the desired curling effect. Four rotating needles were added, evenly distributed to fit the clearance of the needle hole. These needles were made of Cr12 material, known for its excellent wear resistance, and underwent heat treatment to achieve a hardness of 58-62HRC. In the event of mold wear, the needles can be easily replaced, extending the mold's lifespan.

To prevent any accidents caused by the unscrewing of the punch during the rotation of the needles, we added a baffle to the side of the punch. The baffle was made of δ5/Q235A material and was fastened to the punch using bolts. This additional safety measure ensured the well-being of the workers operating the mold.

The implementation of these process improvements has resulted in a well-functioning and efficient mold. It has effectively addressed the problem of poor product quality caused by mold wear, significantly improved the utilization rate of the mold, reduced production costs, and ensured a consistent supply of hinges.

At Tallsen, we firmly adhere to our tenet of "quality comes first." We prioritize quality control, service improvement, and fast response to meet our customers' expectations. From our inception, we have dedicated ourselves to the development, manufacturing, marketing, and sales of high-quality hardware tools. We believe in the importance of continuous innovation in production technology and product development to stay competitive. Therefore, we are committed to investing in both hardware and software to stimulate innovation.

Tallsen's hinges are made using high-quality materials and advanced technology. Our skilled craftsmen employ their expertise to ensure exquisite craftsmanship and deliver hinges with a pure tone. Since our founding, we have continuously strived to improve product quality and service standards, providing our customers with reliable tools and exceptional service.

Shandong Tallsen Machinery Company has improved the technology of hinge crimping die_Hinge knowledge1 2

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